Australian Kakadu Plum Hyper Pigmentation Cream – Youneek Pro Science

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Youneek Ingredients for unique you

Scientifically Proven Results

  • 66 people (33 men + 33 women) with normal to dry skin participated in our clinical study.
  • People agreed (91% to 100%) that their skin felt moisturized, smelled nice, the product absorbed quickly, and didn't feel itchy after use.

Youneek Ingredients

  • Australian Kakadu Plum
    Fades out pigmentation
  • Alpha arbutin
    Reduces acne scars and blemishes
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Improves skin tone and texture
  • Niacinamide
    Minimises enlarged pores

How to use

  • Take a pea-sized amount on your finger tip.
  • Gentle massaging on dark spots & pigmented areas for better absorption.

When to use

  • Repeat this twice a day in your AM and PM routine


What types of pigmentation does it treat?

Dark spots, acne scars and melasma

What are the benefits of using our Hyperpigmentation Cream?

Reduces dark spots, acne scars and also hydrates and brightens the skin

How effective is it in treating dark spots?

It's clinically tested ro reduce dark spots with regular use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
aswatha .
Clear Skin in just 4 Weeks

It lightened my blemishes in 4 weeks

aarvi Sam
Working good

My Pigmentation and Dark Spots is becoming light in 20 days of use

Daksha gupta
Helpful cream

I was having a lot of pigmentation issues, so thought of using this cream. Iots very usefull

Charvi edwik
Conveneint to use

This product is good for reducing pigmentation on the skin.

kev fu
Glow with the Flow

amazing quality to remove all that pigmentation

Aishani barkav
Pigmentation awesome cream

I got bye bye pigmentation cream it is very good.

Aswatha charry
Best cream for pigmentation

Must try this product!

Ganga devi
Worth it

It is showing changes on my skin. It is effective on my face.

manjuma mahim
helpfull cream

I really loving it, Thank you

dhoorika dat
Nice cream

This cream is wonderful. I really like it.