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Scientifically Proven Results

  • Boosts skin moisture by 84.83% in 30 mins.
  • Retains over 30% moisture after 24 hours.
  • Dermatologically tested for safety.
  • Instantly hydrates and brightens skin.
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

Youneek Ingredients

  • Australian Kakadu Plum
    Enhances skin radiance
  • Glycerin
    Hydrates and softens skin
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Nourishes and rejuvenates dry skin
  • Shea Butter
    Promotes skin elasticity

How to use

  • It's best to apply lotion to fresh damp skin - this helps to lock in moisture.
  • Apply about a quarter-size amount and be sure to cover every inch, including your hands, legs, hairline, and neck.
  • If you over-apply, gently pat away excess with a clean washcloth.

When to use

  • You can use the Body lotion twice a day in your AM/ PM routine


Is body lotion suitable for all skin types?

Our body lotions are formulated to be suitable for a wide range of skin types, including dry, normal, and sensitive skin.

Can this body lotion help with dry, flaky skin during winter months?

Yes, this body lotion is excellent for combating dry, flaky skin during colder months.

Is this body lotion tested on animals?

No, our body lotion is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

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Archana K

Moisturising Body Lotion 300ml (2 Pcs)

Exceptional hydration and nourishment for your skin.

Great lotion, works wonders!


Great Moisturising Body Lotion - Highly Recommended!